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Sewing unit for automatic setting of pockets

Sewing unit for automatic setting of pockets. For light- weight material such as shirts, nightwear etc. With single and twin seam, with straight tack. Sewing station with single needle lockstitch machine, oil-free horizontal hook, thread trimmer, electronic needle thread monitor, bobbin thread control by programmable stitch counting, programmable foot stroke adjustment, adjustment of fabric thickness, pneumatic needle cooler, positioning, folding and transfer station, sewing field size: 200 x 220 mm, positioning table with vacuum unit for an underpiece cutting width of 450 mm max., stacker, CNC-control, stepping motor drives for X and Y axis, interface drive for sewing axis, control terminal with graphic display, integrated programs for error diagnosis and service functions, RAM-card as memory module

Prospekt DA 806

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Dürkopp-Adler 806-121100

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Dürkopp-Adler 806-121100